Superman Saves the Day

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Recent Reports

I had the pleasure of fishing with a fellow FHQ superstar Dan Sims and his two sons out to my local fishing grounds this beautiful Labor Day. The weather was looking rather ominous before we hit the agreed upon meeting place, but as we neared the water, the dark clouds gave way to sunshine and the prospects for a great afternoon of fishing with the kids was improving.

Father & Son

Our first shoreline location produced a fish quickly and gave us hopes that today would be one for the record books. For days such as these I often make a trip beforehand to a local bait and tackle shop to pick up a couple dozen large golden roach minnows. The objective when I take kids fishing is fun. Catching is secondary, and any catalyst to increase the odds of having fun is definitely worth investing in!

When I squeeze him he makes this face !EeEeE!

So after a fish here and nothing else for a long time a move was made. Another hour or so spent hunting…… and playing…..

Minnow torture.....

Well, things were just not picking up for us. We moved again, saw a couple fish, missed one, and frankly we were running low on live roaches. 😀

The next "Zoolander"

So it was time to break out the “big guns”. That’s right, the unstoppable “Superman” fishing pole. A languid 4 foot fiberglass spincasting outfit with only two guides and a tip-top. The bright blue and red combo that has an uncanny ability to catch fish when it seems nothing else can. The next location I chose was nearest an area I knew MUST hold some fish. Thankfully, Superman saved the day.

Superman, fighting the good fight

The battered Hi-Viz styrofoam float set a couple feet above a #2 Kahle took a dive quite a few times while blowing around the pond, and on a couple of occasions we made solid connections.

An epic power struggle between fish and $5 fishing pole...

Amazingly, all of the fish that came to hand this day fell to the power of the mighty Superman pole.

Kids always smile a little more when they realize Dad got skunked

The sun was getting low in the horizon, stomachs were grumbling, and the bait bucket was looking pretty sad. So, it was agreed that it was time to end the afternoon and vow to return again soon to exact revenge upon the fish that outsmarted us this day. The news was not taken well by the little ones.

"But Daaaad.... We wanna staaaaay..."

Dan is a great Dad, a knowledgeable angler, and lucky to have a couple of great kids. I can’t wait to get out on the water again with him, and I have a feeling it will be sooner than later.


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